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How to Cut Down a Tree Safely

    When taking down a tree, safety and planning will make the difference between a successful drop and a YouTube fail video. This 7-step method for cutting down trees provides you with a plan that

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Get up close and personal with the SplitSecond Log Splitter

Come see us at these upcoming shows and take on the Split Second Log Splitter in person. Bring your toughest wood and we'll show you just how tough the Split Second is and how much time and labor it

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How Wood Burns & Why Seasoning Is So Important

A log burning in your fireplace or your wood stove seems pretty straightforward, it burns. But the process of how wood burns is more complex than you’d think and how you prepare your logs prior to burning can make all the difference when it comes to igniting quickly, throwing heat, and burning clean. Here’s what happens when a log is thrown into a fire...

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