Category: Log Splitting Safety

6 Tips For Log Splitter Safety

You're working outside. It's a beautiful, balmy summer day. You're ready to tackle your lawn, trim your trees, and split a few cords of wood. Just you and your toys. But a relaxing work day outside can quickly turn downhill if you're not operating your equipment properly with safety at the forefront of your mind. Anytime you are working with heavy equipment, or even not so heavy equipment like a simple ax and maul, danger is involved.

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Tips for Splitting in Nasty Weather

For many of us outdoors-people, the winter months offer a much needed respite from working long days in the sweltering summer heat. But cold winter weather can present some serious risks if you don't take the proper precautions. Frostbite, hypothermia, and cold-related injuries are common but preventable. While most of our wood cutting is taken care of and stocked up for the winter, there are still times you'll need to get work done outdoors - whether splitting wood or not.

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