The more I use it, the more I love it.

We have plenty of great things to say about our splitter. We designed it to be fast, safe, and efficient. But nothing gives us as much pride in what we’ve built as the words of our customers. Rick

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Get up close and personal with the SplitSecond Log Splitter

Come see us at these upcoming shows and take on the Split Second Log Splitter in person. Bring your toughest wood and we'll show you just how tough the Split Second is and how much time and labor it

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Save On Shipping With Factory Pick-up

Here at Split Second we're happy to announce that we have had two factory pick-ups of our Split Second Log Splitter. We enjoy getting to know our new Split Second family members through trade shows

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The Do's And Don'ts Of Firewood Transport

We all love a freshly cut, perfectly stacked pile of firewood. For those that split it, it's the sign of hard work - a job well done. And for those looking to buy it, it means a warm, cozy night curled up by the fire or a hot, home cooked meal. Whatever the situation, it seems pretty simple - split the wood, sell it or buy it, burn it. But what most people don't consider is where their firewood comes from or where its going. In the last few years, regulations across the United States have emerged for good reason regarding the transportation of firewood.

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6 Tips For Log Splitter Safety

You're working outside. It's a beautiful, balmy summer day. You're ready to tackle your lawn, trim your trees, and split a few cords of wood. Just you and your toys. But a relaxing work day outside can quickly turn downhill if you're not operating your equipment properly with safety at the forefront of your mind. Anytime you are working with heavy equipment, or even not so heavy equipment like a simple ax and maul, danger is involved.

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