Maintenance For Your Kinetic Log Splitter

No valves. No oil. No mess. Without hydraulic oil or pumps, kinetic log splitters like the Split Second are significantly easier to maintain, store, and keep running well for the long haul. When it comes to taking care of your kinetic log splitter, low maintenance means more time savings for you and less investment in replacement parts or adjustments.

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Tips for Splitting in Nasty Weather

For many of us outdoors-people, the winter months offer a much needed respite from working long days in the sweltering summer heat. But cold winter weather can present some serious risks if you don't take the proper precautions. Frostbite, hypothermia, and cold-related injuries are common but preventable. While most of our wood cutting is taken care of and stocked up for the winter, there are still times you'll need to get work done outdoors - whether splitting wood or not.

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Comparing Firewood to Other Heating Methods

With steadily rising fuel costs, many people are turning to alternative methods for heat. Heating by natural gas, electricity or fuel oil is not cheap. And while more work may go into cutting down, splitting, seasoning and bundling, firewood remains a good option for heating your home. Take a look at how a cord of air-dried wood in a variety of different species compare in heat output to other fuels.

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Taking On Topeka & The Tough Kansas Hedge

The Split Second crew had such a great time at the Mother Earth News Fair in Kansas! If you weren't able to make it, take a look at the Split Second in action and hear what fellow wood cutters had to say.

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Quick Tip: Dealing With Back Pain

Check out Split Second's Quick Tips for short and easy ways to build your business, better handle firewood, and enjoy working in the outdoors. Click to learn about burning for heat.

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