Back-Saving Tips for Working Outside

Wood cutting and working outdoors can put a great deal of physical stress on the body. Lifting, carrying, and operating heavy materials or equipment are often especially hard on the back. In fact, various studies have shown that trades associated with the outdoors, construction, and heavy machinery have a higher incidence of back injuries and strains than many other occupations.

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Split Second is Heading to Kansas - Join Us!

The Split Second crew had such a great time at the Mother Earth News Fair in Pennsylvania that we're doing it again - this time in Topeka, Kansas! Join us October 25-26 in Topeka. See the Split Second in action, qualify for exclusive product discounts, chat with fellow wood cutters, and enter to win a $250 gift card to Lowe's!

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Strategies for Stacking Wood

True or False: There is a right (and a wrong) way to stack firewood. Whether you agree or disagree with this statement, one thing stays consistent - you've cut down the trees and split the wood. The hard part is over but one crucial task remains, you must turn your messy pile of lumber into an orderly, efficient, and attractive stack of wood to keep your fireplace (or your customers) burning strong throughout the colder months.

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Split Second Takes On Paul Bunyan

It was a soggy weekend in Cambridge, Ohio - but despite a 40 degree drop in temperature, sleet, and even some hail, close to 20,000 people ventured to the Guernsey County Fairgrounds for the annual Paul Bunyan Show. Take a look at just how tough the Split Second Log Splitter was this weekend and what Paul Bunyan lumberjacks thought of it.

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Adding a Chainsaw To Your Wood Cutting Mix

When it comes to making sure you have the proper tools needed to cut wood, more and more wood cutters are looking to add chainsaws to the mix. Whether it's for cutting support or taking care of the larger pieces, a chainsaw can prove valuable for a range of buyers - from homeowners, to professionals, to landscapers.

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