Romer Brothers Tree: What Split Second Means For Business

On top of dependable performance, the value of the Split Second for Rojo and his team comes in expanding a highly seasonal business. When asked how it would change the way they do business at all, Rojo simply replied, “I think it will change our production numbers. Like I said, this winter it was so cold out, it’s impossible to run that processor when it’s 0 out. Technically a person can’t stand out their for more than 15 minutes.”

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A Day In The Life: Romer Brothers Tree & Shrub Service

Being in wood cutting for over 45 years has given Romer Brothers Tree & Shrub Service of Decatur, IL, a few advantages. Not only does the current owner, Robert Romer (a.k.a. Rojo) know the ins and outs of splitting, sales, and customer service - he’s also worked with a range of equipment, checking out a few new “toys” throughout his career.

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Building A Firewood Sales Business

All businesses evolve over time. Changing course of your firewood sales operation a number of times according to shifting markets is not only normal - it’s expected. Selling firewood stays the same but the processes to grow your team, expand your fleet, increase awareness and build your business will change.

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Splitting Firewood, Hobby or Business

Cutting wood on a brisk October day is great for the spirit. But, it can also beef up your wallet, if you're willing to sell the fruits of your labor. When it comes to cutting firewood, there are pros and cons to both staying a small, one man band, or going big into your own firewood sales business.

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Cutting The Tough Stuff: Tough Wood Report

Gnarly, knotty, crooked-grained hardwood can be difficult to split for firewood, but there are occasions when it either must be split, or left to waste and rot. Think the stringy American Elm, Black Locust, crooked Beech, and tough Oak. Yet, if you have a strong back and the right tools, most wood can be tackled.

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